Brain Booster Supplement for Focus, Memory, Clarity, & Energy


We all experience a little bit of brain fog here and there. This only seems to increase as we age. However, as we age, so do our demands. Even though our clarity and energy are on a decline, everything we have to do is on an incline. This is why lots of people are looking into brain supplements. Brain supplements can help feed your brain the food that it needs. Just like we eat nutrients for our body, our brain needs some nutrients too. There is nothing better than taking a specially formulated vitamin to help our brains become better than ever. When you can increase your focus using this supplement, there’s no reason not to! Unlike other brain supplements, this one is made with the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals so that your focus, memory, clarity, and energy also increases. There’s no point in increasing your focus if you don’t increase your memory! Thankfully, this brain supplement does it all.

Best Features

One of the most exciting things about this product is what you’re getting for the price. There are a lot of brain supplements out there that are blowing smoke. They drive up their prices but use inferior ingredients. However, Neuro Force doesn’t do that. This brain supplement comes with high levels of the much needed vitamins, minerals, and herbs that your brain is begging for. Plus, it won’t break the bank. For just $21, you get the supplement that is actually going to work. It’s made with ingredients like AstraGin, DMAE, GABA, and Bacopa, which all combine together to make an amazing food for your brain. While the suggested serving size is two capsules each day, you might only need one to get the extra energy that you need. That would make the price of $21 stretch for two months, making this one of the most affordable capsules for your brain on the market!

What’s Included

When your purchase this supplement you get 60 vegetarian capsules, which amount to a one or two month supply depending on how much you want to take each day.


Many users did indeed experience a big boost in energy. They improved their focus and clarity, saying that they wouldn’t be able to take another supplement after taking this one. The vegetarian capsules are really easy to swallow as they are an average oval shape soft gel. Many users also said that they appreciated the packaging that protected the soft gels in warmer weather and humidity.


While the capsules are vegetarian, they are not vegan. This could become an issue for those who follow a plant based diet.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a solution to increase your memory and focus, this is the brain supplement for you. You won’t find another one on the market with the same high quality ingredients for this price. Not only is it a bargain, but it’s backed by many reviews saying how well the product works.