Brainikus Night Sleep Nootropics Booster Pills


Even when it seems like we get the right amount of sleep, our brain can still be foggy in the morning. It is so frustrating as we are getting the correct amount of time, but we may not be sleeping effectively. Our brains can be hard to shut off at night, and this translates even when we sleep. Thankfully, there is a solution that could help us both during the day and at night. These supplemental pills made by Brainikus, could be the solution that we all need to sleep better and have better focus throughout the day. Most nootropic pills focus on increasing your daily energy and focus during the day. However, this doesn’t help us at night when we need to get some rest. This pill is different because it actually focuses on your sleep so that when you get up in the morning you are properly rested and ready to be focused on all of your tasks ahead of you.

Best Features

The pill comes with sleep and anti anxiety benefits. How it works is that it is meant to increase the amount of REM sleep that you get during the night, which means you will wake up better rested and ready to go about your day. Without the night time stress that so many of us experience, we can have less anxiety and better calming feeling. You don’t have to worry so much about your sleep because you will get so much more rest this way. This supplement is also manufactured in the USA, so you don’t need to worry about other countries’ rules or regulations. This ensures that the product is pure and potent enough to create the effects they promise. It is all natural and effective ingredients, so you can be sure it is safe while taking it. They also promise results and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back by contacting them. There’s no risk!

What’s Included

When you purchase this supplement you are going to receive a bottle with 60 capsules for $23.


Many users were happy with how well the product worked. They slept a lot deeper and more comfortably the first night they took it. There were some users who said that it helped with their insomnia and they were able to sleep well. It only takes about an hour or so to kick in, so you just take it before you plan to go to bed and you should be ready to sleep.


Some users reported that they still woke up sleepy and had to reduce the amount they took the night before.

Final Verdict

Whether you are having trouble sleeping or trouble focusing, this supplement can help you. It will revolutionize your life because you are going to wake up feeling more well rested than you have felt in a long time. Since there is no risk in trying this product thanks to their money back guarantee, I highly recommend that you try it.