DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) 50 mg Chewable Wafers


The older we get, the wiser we get. However, some of that wisdom could be going down the drain if we are experiencing brain fog. Sometimes it is hard to focus, concentrate, or remember what is going on. When this happens, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. In fact, this happens to almost everyone! It could be because our levels of DMAE are going down the older we get. DMAE is a naturally produced chemical in our brains, but it tends to go down as we age. We still need DMAE, we just aren’t getting enough. Thankfully, you can take a supplement to help you get the recommended amount and it will support your brain’s function so that you have a sharper, clearer, better behaved mind! Kirkman Labs has come up with a DMAE wafer that is bound to help your brain problems.

Best Features

Many pills never actually dissolve. We take these vitamins with the hope that they will dissolve and we will get the vitamins in the supplement. However, this rarely happens. That’s why it is actually recommended to chew your vitamins. Kirkman Labs has come up with chewable wafers for DMAE so that you are going to get the correct amount you need to notice an increase in your brain’s function. DMAE is usually found within fish, but Kirkman has made a hypoallergenic solution that still gives you DMAE without any harmful additives or allergies. It does contain stevia so that it will taste better and sweeter when you take it.

What’s Included

When you purchase this supplement, you will receive a bottle with 90 chewable wafers in there.


The chewable wafer is great for those who can’t swallow pills and also ensures that you get the correct amount of DMAE every time you take it. The product tastes good and isn’t hard to take with the rest of your vitamins in the morning. It will help your mind become clearer and you should be able to remember more than you used to. It supports a healthy brain, so you may even see adjustments in your mood and how you sleep as well. This DMAE doesn’t have anything added, so you know exactly what you’re taking and the amount that you are taking each time.


The product is made with stevia, which is great for those who are avoiding sugar, but can leave a strange aftertaste in your mouth.

Final Verdict

DMAE has been scientifically proven to help your brain’s cognition levels, so you can feel comfortable taking it. There aren’t any other ingredients you need to worry about entering your body. It is by far one of the best supplements you can be taking, and you can trust Kirkman Labs to give you a good quality product that will support your brain’s function.